Vieira hopes his players will give their best in the FA Cup

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Crystal Palace’s France manager Patrick Vieira is hopeful his players will give their all in the FA Cup. He look forward to winning the trophy. As it is the only trophy left by Crystal Palace. They have a chance to win a championship

Although Crystal Palace have become a regular team in the English Premier League. But in terms of success, it can be said that it is very far away from other teams. Because the latest championship has to go back to the 1993/94 season, plus the champions from the lower leagues. Also after that, I haven’t touched the trophy even once. The ยูฟ่าเบท team’s strength is very strong, but in the 2021/22 season, Crystal Palace are again in contention for the FA Cup after reaching the semi-finals. The last 16 teams have succeeded.

With Crystal Palace facing teams from the lower leagues like Stoke City, there is still a chance of qualifying for the next round if not careless and Patrick Vieira has urged the team to focus on fully in the FA Cup with one goal, which is to win the title only by Patrick Vieira said: “Right now the FA Cup is our goal and we expect that. will qualify as deep as possible.”

“Obviously playing in our home country gives us a decent advantage and we only hope to qualify for the next round which all the players in the squad are really excited about. The tournament is coming up and we are looking forward to the championship. Although the road is still a long way to go, we are confident that we will reach our goals.”