Techniques to Play Sagaming and Sexy Baccarat Profitably

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Practice playing baccarat for free.

Players can try the demo game using the advice from the experts mentioned above to see. How many consecutive wins with the banker’s bets can be achieved. In UFABET, we offer up to 50,000 baht of Baccarat Free practice credit to practice your strategy in Playing Sagaming uses standard international Baccarat rules. and pay the winning prizes as follows

Player side wins – 1:1 (full balance)

Banker wins – 0.95:1 (minus 5% commission)

Draw side wins – 8:1 (If tie, bets on banker and player side will not be collected)

By playing with 8 decks of cards. Play history is kept going back 20 rounds. Using the letters B for Banker, P for Player and T for Tie . Duplicate the same side or change the new side as well Can register from 1-100 credits and receive 500 free credits. In addition, players can also try the system of rollover betting in the game as follows.

It is not wrong to use the betting system to play baccarat if playing.

The playing principles used in table games. Other card games can be applied to Baccarat. Whether it’s a simple strategy like the D’Alembert system or a more complex strategy like Labouchere system that will give players a chance to win in playing baccarat Which some players use a positive compounding system like Parlay or Paroli or negative compounding system If you want to know how to play with the Fibonacci system or the 1-3-2-6 system in detail, you can see more details at our article page .

positive compounding system

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The use of a positive rollover system is that players have to increase their bets every time they play. and reduce the bet every time you lose Playing with this positive rollover system results in a less loss for the player’s playing capital than gambling with a negative rollover system. Because this positive rollover system will increase the player’s winnings if there are consecutive wins. and make the least waste if playing continuously

Theoretically, if players play consecutively It is possible to make a profit And will help to lose less money if playing continuously This positive rollover will not increase your chances of winning or losing. And there is no risk for the players at all.

negative compounding system


Negative rollover is the opposite of positive rollover and can have a negative effect on the player’s funds. The principle of this system is Players will rollover their bets every time they lose. and reduce the bet after playing If you look at the surface It might be sensible and many gamblers would like to try playing with this system as well.

The theory of this system is that when the bet is rolled up. Until it wins and when it wins. Players will get quite a lot of money.

But if you look carefully, you will see that the system has a few disadvantages. If you keep playing this system, but you still haven’t won. There is a high chance that the player will run out of money first. Especially if the player has to bet twice as much from the previous round. The bigger the risk, the bigger the risk. Also, don’t forget to think about the maximum amount you can bet.

Even if the player has enough balance to roll over and over. The maximum bet is already set. This may prevent the players from increasing their bets until they can get all their lost money back. Without enough experience, Playing with this system can be a disaster for the players.

Fixed betting strategy

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Unlike the positive rollover system and the negative rollover system. This system of play is required to increase or decrease the bet amount based on a winning or losing bet. But the fixed betting strategy in Baccarat is betting with the same amount every time regardless of losing or winning. This method of play is less risky than other methods if there is a continuous loss of play.

But will this really help you play profitably? The best way to profit from playing with this strategy is for players to guess which side will win the next turn. Banker’s side or Player’s side with more than 50% accuracy because using this fixed strategy means betting with the same amount every time.

Even if it’s the lowest risk strategy. But it’s hard to get big money. It is suitable for players who are not very familiar with the game and its rules.

What are the advantages of using this fixed betting strategy instead of positive and negative rollover?

  • Fixed bets have a better chance of playing profitably. Because in fixed bets, no money is added or doubled. Thereby reducing the use of excess funds when not increasing the bet It reduces the risk of losing large sums of money. And also increase the chance of profit as well.
  • Players can bet more. Fixed bets allow players to bet more for a smaller amount as they do not have to wager double the amount on play or loss like betting with a rollover system. You can also increase your bet because you don’t lose a large sum of money when playing with double money.
  • Players can use this betting system even if they don’t quite understand the rules of play. Fixed bets are ideal for novice players as they are simple and low-risk. Players do not have to calculate and use this system at all, even if they do not understand certain rules of play such as draw more cards

Fixed bets allow players to play without the risk of losing a lot of money. Experts rarely recommend negative rollover and rarely agree on positive rollover as well. So instead of using other people’s strategies, use Players are better off using this fixed betting strategy. It’s true that nothing is guaranteed to win. But at least it can increase your chances of winning if you guess the right way or even if you don’t guess correctly. You definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money.

roundwin /losebettotal income
1win100+ 100
2win100+ 200
3win100+ 300
4lose100+ 200
5lose100+ 200

Fixed bet example

Counting the number of cards in Baccarat – it may seem difficult but it is not impossible.

Card counting has been very popular in blackjack since Edward E. Thorp published his best-selling book Beat the Dealer in 1964 as a proven way to make profits for players. Playing with this method can be effective against blackjack. But of course, it’s not just the players who know how to do it. The casino itself knows that as well. Therefore, the blackjack table game is particularly eye-opening. A gambler who wants to try this method is to try it with baccarat instead.

Baccarat is a card counting game as well. That may be why baccarat tends to be a popular substitute for blackjack. although theoretically Players can beat baccarat by counting the cards. But the chances of doing so are so small that it may not be worth the time due to the complexity of counting cards that are greater than games with a total of 21 points. We also have a Baccarat card counting guide for players to study as well.

Money management is important.


If the player decides to use the rollover system Players also need to know how to control the funds to play with. Any system where players have to roll up or double their bets. Players must be ready to face difficulties. No matter what system you use to play baccarat online, such as paroli, martingale, parlay, etc., do not exceed your budget. Baccarat is a game that relies on luck. Players have no way of guessing whether they will win or lose their grandchildren’s eyes or not. So don’t try to gamble to get your lost money back, and most importantly, quit playing as soon as it’s profitable.

Set a budget to play – determine how much to bet. and limit the total amount to be wagered Suppose to bet with 100 baht and have a total budget of 2,000 baht. just stop playing and wait for the next play Everyone wants to walk off the table as a winner. But gambling is unpredictable. The worst strategy is to try and get your lost money back. Or get lost in the bad impulses hidden in gambling, such as

  • Almost won (near misses ): Played almost won but still hasn’t won. Then the player continues to bet in the hopes that his face will win.
  • Lost that I can control the game: Tossing the dice Spin the ball in the roulette wheel. Or drawing cards in baccarat may make players understand that they are controlling the game in a gambling game that is purely based on luck.
  • Gambler’s Misconceptions: Players often mistakenly believe that after many consecutive bets, or after consecutive losses, The next turn, the bet result may be changed to the top or it may be flipped to win.

It’s the best strategy to have fun and not go overboard.

Fortune telling before gambling

All of these are misconceptions that are the first signs of a fall in gambling. No one wants to play. But in games like baccarat opportunity is important Players should stop playing as soon as their budget is used up, regardless of whether they can play or lose. Then take a break before going back to play again. If able to play, split the winnings in half and save half of the money for the next play. Because if playing at least there is still half left in the bag to go home Remember that gambling is an entertainment activity. We should play with fun and play socially without playing beyond our budget. This is a strategy that always works.