Rivaldo advises Bale to join Newcastle Believe that you can return to good form for sure.

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Brazilian legend Rivaldo believes Gareth Bale will be able to perform in the English Premier League again for sure against Newcastle.

Chowwell’s High Speed ​​Wings The contract with Real Madrid expires in June this year, with “Carlo Ancelotti” Real Madrid’s boss has confirmed that Bale will leave the team at the end of this UFABET season.

There were speculations that Bale would move back to Tottenham Hotspur, but Rivaldo thinks Bale should come to Newcastle. because he believed that he would be an important person in St James’s Park And Newcastle’s team building project is interesting. After getting a new owner from the very wealthy Saudi Arabia took over.

Rivaldo said: “I think Bale should play in Spain. If there is a good offer from a great club that can win trophies. But I think that going back to England Which is the league he knows probably best.”

“If it had been me, I would definitely not reject a move to Newcastle. Because I think it’s a good opportunity for him to get on the field and get his performance back on track. He will be one of the stars of the team next season. Fans will definitely love him.”

Newcastle have spent around £100m to sign as many as five new players in the January transfer window. The aim is to survive in the Premier League next season. The latter currently ranks 17th in the table. Only 4 points above the relegation zone