‘Marsh’ did not agree in the final talks, withdrew the job of managing the ‘fox’ already

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Leicester City failed to acquire Jesse Marsh, Uncle Sam’s boss, to take charge of the army. The reason for the final negotiations was unsuccessful. Therefore having to search for a new coach. It lists Dean Smith, Rafael Benitez, Sam Allardyce and Martin O’Neill as candidates.

The Telegraph reports that Leicester City have failed to finalize negotiations with American coach Jesse March. Causing to find another new team manager. To act as a replacement for Brendan Rodgers, head coach of Northern Ireland canceled contract. After leading the team to perform poorly without winning any team for 6 consecutive matches in league games. It was a defeat of 5 matches, resulting in the UFABET team dropping down to rank 19 in the table at this time.

'Marsh' did not agree in the final talks, withdrew the job of managing the 'fox' already

Previously, it was reported that the former Leeds United manager negotiated with the Siamese fox smoothly. And is preparing to take the reins in the final arc of the 2022-2023 season, signing a three-year contract. and prepare to continue working Even if the club is dropped to play The Championship next season with only waiting for the official announcement

However, reports indicate March has withdrawn from the recruitment process. and will not be the next big boss of The Fox  because he feels The club has a different approach. If relegated to the top flight and the player’s profile differs from the one he is used to, he also made the decision after watching Saturday’s defeat to Bournemouth He discussed the situation with his coaching staff. and informed the club of the decision on Sunday morning.

At this time, Adam Sadler and Mike Stowell, first team coaches He also served as a temporary team supervisor. Which their performance in two matches is not good at all Despite playing at the King Power Stadium, but had to lose 1-2 to Aston Villa in midweek and recently lost 0-1 to Bournemouth, causing the ranking to remain stagnant, behind the bottom, with 25 Points from 30 games, two points behind Everton who are in safety.

The next candidate Also possible is Dean Smith, the former Aston Villa and Norwich City manager , who, if appointed, could bring in ex- Leicester boss Craig Shakespeare as his assistant. The manager, along with Rafael Benitez, Sam Allardyce and Martin O’Neill, is also on the shortlist. But it’s that The offer is only for the end of this season or continuing into the next season. If the team has to drop