Jordan reveals Martial wants to be important

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Sevilla midfielder Joan Jordan has revealed that he has held talks with Eric Bailly about Anthony Martial and understands Anthony Martial wants to be the man. It’s important for every team that plays.

Although he used to be a mainstay of Manchester United before. With his unsatisfactory performance on the pitch, especially the meager number of goals as a striker. Anthony Martial will want to leave to prove himself good enough to be. The main character of the leading team before it was Sevilla who brought Anthony Martial to join the team.

And moving to Sevilla seems to be the right decision. Because Anthony Martial was given the opportunity to start immediately. The performance on the field started to improve in the order that the last match at Against Dinamo Zagreb. It was an important part of Sevilla’s victory. Which Joan Jordan revealed that Anthony Martial wants to be important. Of all the UFABET teams played by the person mentioned. It was former team-mate Eric Bailly.

I’ve been talking to my old friend Eric Bailly about Anthony Martial. Since before he came to Sevilla. I know Anthony Martial. I want to be a key player of every team. The arrival of Anthony Martial making our attacking look more dangerous. Each new player making an impact. A great job has clearly turned us into a formidable team.