Is the technique of playing baccarat like 1324 really effective? Summarize the results of use

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Today we will talk about the 1324 baccarat system, which is a gambling system that is gaining popularity. Because it can be applied to a variety of casino games that are card games. ยูฟ่าเบท will only be mentioned to apply to online baccarat. This baccarat formula is only tested. With famous casino game camps Sa gaming and Sexy Baccarat .

We have tried every system to play, try and come to the conclusion that the 1324 baccarat system actually works or not. You can be assured that it will not be like any other website that reposts. Other people’s content because we show the results of use and evidence that clearly shows the picture.

Then the 1324 system works for baccarat or not? which there is only one way to know

What is the 1324 Baccarat Strategy?

Strategy 1324 is very simple, its name already describes how to use it. That is, start with 1 unit bet, then bet 3 units, continue with 2 units, then bet with 4 units in the next turn.

The 1324 betting system works regardless of the bet amount. Or to put it simply, bet 10, 30, 20 and 40 baht, or bet 100, 300, 200 and 400 if the funds are thick enough.

However, this system is like all betting systems. that there must always be rules for use, that is

  • 1.If you win, bet with the specified amount in the system.
  • 2.If losing, then start counting from one again according to the system.
  • 3.If all 4 wins according to the system. Start counting one over with the profit that has been played.

The uniqueness of this system, if you win 2 times in a row, it means you will definitely get a profit. We’ll show you in the next section why that’s the case.

Numbers hidden in baccarat system 1324

Players need to win 4 times in a row to maximize profits. The number system works as follows.

  1. If the game loses in the first turn The next turn must be reduced by 1 unit.
  2. Losing the 2nd turn will result in a total loss of 2 units.
  3. If the game loses in the 3rd turn, it means a profit of 2 units.
  4. Winning in the 3rd and 4th turn as well will make a profit of 10 units.

It can be seen that if going through the danger zone for the first 2 rounds will definitely be profitable. Which it is not difficult to win 2 in a row in playing baccarat. Therefore it is not surprising that this system can actually be used.

However, the theory differs from the reality. So we tried this 1324 system in playing baccarat.

Does the 1324 Baccarat System really work?

It can be seen that the 1324 baccarat system actually works as it should. But do not forget that there is no way that the mathematical system of Baccarat has not changed in any way.

Even with the 1324 system, there is always a house edge in every game. If betting on the player’s side The house edge is 1.24% and if bet on the banker side The house edge is 1.06%, but commission is payable for every win after wagering on the banker side. The house edge on a draw is 14.4%, which is something that should not be wagered even with a payout of 8:1.

So if you ask if the 1324 betting system will make you win more bets or not? The answer is that not exactly. It’s just a guarantee that if you win the first 2 rounds, you’ll definitely make a profit. but no matter what The casino always profits from the players no matter what betting system they use. The betting system will help you win profits in short-term play as the system claims to be profitable. If you find it interesting I try to play it to see if it actually works or not.