Hasen Huttle Ignoring rumours about Manchester United

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Southampton’s Austrian manager Ralph Hasenhuttl has dismissed speculations about Manchester United and is very happy with Southampton. With the rest being a matter of the future in ยูฟ่าเบท .

Manchester United are eyeing a new manager at the end of the 2021/22 season. Ralph Rangnick is set to become Manchester United’s advisor. Several managers are among the targets. Of Manchester United, especially Mauricio Pochettino of Paris Saint-Germain. Manchester United want to come in immediately. Plus the opportunity to bring in Mauricio Pochettino. Being a new manager is very high as well.

Because Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t seem very happy with Paris Saint-Germain. But Paris Saint-Germain still trust Mauricio Pochettino and want him to stay in charge. That means Manchester United may have to look for a new manager if Mauricio Pochettino chooses to stay at Paris Saint-Germain and Ralph Hasenhuttl is. One of the goals Manchester United have been aiming for, but Ralph Hasenhuttl has ignored the rumours.

“Personally, I still don’t want to think about the future and moving to another team has never been in my head because now I have a lot to do, especially in the next matches. With Everton it’s also my main job and we’re going to have a tough weekend next week so I don’t want anything else to distract me.