Gilmour reveals Norwich ready to beat Liverpool

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Norwich City midfielder Billy Gilmour has revealed Norwich City are ready to face Liverpool and the players’ confidence in the squad is full despite their recent loss to Manchester City.

After a poor debut, Norwich City opted to sack Daniel Farke immediately before opting for Dean Smith as their new manager, although at first he may still be performing. Not very satisfying, but after that, Norwich City began to collect victories continuously until moving up to the area that survived the relegation. Unfortunately, Norwich City have to face a strong team continuously. Therefore had to fall into the relegation area again

Like the previous match, just against Manchester City and Norwich City, the shot was completely messed up. Teams who are struggling to survive relegation. Such as Newcastle United, have started to work. Improved, causing Norwich City to immediately go down to 18th place. Plus in the next match Norwich City will have to face a difficult task like Liverpool, who are vying for the English Premier League title as well, but Billy Gilmour is not. Dreaded and revealed that all teammates are ready to collide with Liverpool.

Manchester City are one of the best teams in the ยูฟ่าเบท world keeping them at No 1 in the table but on the other hand. Norwich City are only at the bottom of the table and we make things difficult. Against Manchester City, quite a bit before a goal early in the second half changed everything. But we learned some good lessons from our recent defeat. Although away to Liverpool is never easy. Everyone goes on the pitch with confidence and hopes to get the point back.