Baccarat Pros Use These Techniques to Play Sagaming and Sexy Baccarat Profitably

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First of all, you must understand that No matter what strategy you use to play Baccarat, it doesn’t always mean winning. People who claim to be able to hack baccarat code If it weren’t for Trump supporters, they would be the ones who pretended to be talented but lack the funds. And although I can’t say for sure which strategy is the best. But if you think of the chance to play and win the bet. Some rules can also be used to increase your chances of winning that bet.

Principles of playing baccarat

Summary of how to play Baccarat

First, you have to study the mechanics of the game first. Players must know the rules of play, deal cards and count points. Understanding the finer details like when the player’s side should stand or when the banker side will draw may seem tricky But when it comes to betting with your own money Players also need to understand the full possibilities of the game in UFABET.

Even with heavy players sitting at the baccarat table as well It doesn’t mean that it takes special abilities to deal with playing with these people. Because baccarat is considered the easiest gambling game to play in casinos. Despite how popular this game is. But there is nothing more than betting. Therefore, understand the terms and rules of betting very well. Anyone can play To prepare yourself to face playing in a casino or gambling online.

And this is an urgent course for playing baccarat.

Baccarat is a game played on a large kidney-shaped table where 12 players can sit and 2 dealers. The table in front of each player is divided into 2 sides. The player’s side and the banker’s side. Players must place their bets before the dealer deals the cards. By choosing whether to bet on the player’s side or the banker’s side And you can also choose a third option, which is a tie, which means both the banker and the player side have the same total points on the cards.

Baccarat played in American casinos is called Punto Banco, meaning Player and Banker. After all players have placed their bets Two cards are dealt to the Player and Banker sides. Which side has the closest total points? The most 9 points will be the winner. Assuming that the player side has 8 points but the banker side has 3 points, it means that the player side wins. and any player places a bet on the player’s side will win the bet If the points of both sides are equal Players who place bets on the Player’s side or the Banker’s side will be deemed to have lost. A player who bets on a draw will be deemed to have won.

Do’s and Don’ts for Baccarat Players


If you want to win a bet The first thing you should do is Never bet on the always side. It’s not that I don’t like always winning. But because of the tie bet to win a lot of money It’s like placing money on the house edge of 14% who sees a very difficult chance of winning. The next thing you should know is the chances of winning, although it’s clear that the chances of winning are based on only 2 betting options, the player side and the banker side. But the chances of winning each side are slightly different as follows

Banker side – 45.843%

Player’s side – 44.615%

Tie side – 9.543%

*And there is also a commission that must be deducted after winning bets on the banker side as well Therefore, it is something that players should know before betting.

Banker Betting


because there is a higher chance of winning Betting on the banker is therefore the first choice when using baccarat techniques. Baccarat pros often advise players to place bets on the banker side as there is a chance of winning more than 50% , which is why a commission is collected every time someone bets on the banker and wins.

But even if the commission is deducted It is still an option that many people choose to use anyway. whether a novice player or a pro And experts still recommend that players continue to bet on the banker until they lose because there is a chance to win continuously. and when losing bets on the banker’s side Players should wait one turn and start placing new bets on the Player’s side instead.

Always remember that players will win consecutively or lose in a row. It’s just a misconception from the fact that gamblers think that the odds of playing are equal to the losses in games like this. After the same result is continued, next time the result will be the opposite side. There is no mathematical evidence or any other proof to suggest that they are related, so players should never rely on that principle when placing their bets.

Bet ResultcombinationprobabilityReturn on Banker BetsReturn on player side betsThe return on the draw side bet is 8:1 .Return on draw side bets 9:1
Banker wins2,2922,252,566,437,8880.4585970.435668-0.458597-0.458597-0.458597
Player side wins2,230,518,282,592,2560.446247-0.4462470.446247-0.446247-0.446247
side always wins475,627,426,473,2160.095156000.7612480.856404

Chance to win Baccarat

Player side bets


Although the banker bet is a better option. But if betting using a strategy, then The result will be slightly different. While winning on the banker side costs 5% commission, it will be less profitable to play with rollover.

Suppose a player is placing bets with the martingale system. Players have to place bets equal to the original amount. Rain every time they lose. If they lose 4 times in a row from the initial bet of 100 baht, it means that they lose 1,500 baht (100 + 200 + 400 + 800).

The next round, the player bets again on the banker’s side using 1600 baht and wins. You will get a total refund of 3,040 baht, which comes from a stake of 1,600 baht + winnings of 1,600 baht and deduct 5% of the commission, but when you think about the amount The total investment will be 3,100 baht (100 + 200 + 400 + 800 + 16,00).

Show that even if the player wins the bet It’s not equal to all the money spent playing. and with negative rollover and commission deduction. will cause the player to lose 6 units.

But if it is a continuous loss of playing on the player’s side Returned profitable unit, that is, 100 baht. It can be seen that although the bet on the player’s side has a lower chance of winning. But it’s a better option if it’s a betting system.

Draw side bets

It is well known that baccarat is a casino game. The house edge lower than other gambling games But a tie bet could change this understanding. Bets on the banker side have a house edge of just 1.06%, while the player side bets are a good choice with a banker edge of 1.26%. 14.4%, which is against logic and critical thinking in general.

A bet that has less than 10% chance of winning and only 14 out of 100 units for a refund is not a good idea. That’s why it’s best to avoid a tie bet and bet as if this option doesn’t exist. If the points always come out Bets will not be taken. Just stay in the same place to wait for the results in the next round.