‘Arteta’ pointed out ‘gun’ hit the egg at the end of the first half, waking up ‘swan’

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Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal boss, accepted the team, allowing Liverpool to score a goal, becoming an important turning point, although Aaron Ramsdale, the talented goalkeeper will save many times But in the end always hit But it’s still okay to get one point out.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admitted Mohamed Salah ‘s goal late in the first half brought Liverpool back into the game and became his UFABET team’s defensive replacement. second half always before being hit And close to losing more goals many times, but still managed to save Aaron Ramsdale, a sticky outpost, resulting in a 2-2 draw in the English Premier League on Sunday.

'Arteta' pointed out 'gun' hit the egg at the end of the first half, waking up 'swan'

At Anfield, Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus gave the Gunners the lead in the first half hour. But they missed it. Mummy Vanguard Shoot 1-2 at the end of the first half Raise the loud cheers of the locals. Before the second half was a different movie, Arteta ‘s team was heavily attacked by the Reds . Before coming to lose the penalty, Salah didn’t hit it. But at the end of the game, Roberto Firmino came to score an equalizer goal. 

“The feeling is, ah, we should have succeeded. But being fair to ourselves They had four chances to score goals and one penalty, Bull trainer said after the game. “We have to look at ourselves in the mirror. And we should have done better in the second half. We started very well, dominated the game, scored the first goal and entered the game where we needed to be. and scored the second goal And that’s when the game ends. Before half-time we gave them hope. We conceded a goal and they gave us confidence in this special atmosphere and stadium. The second half was a very different story. We lost every ball. especially in hazardous areas.”

Meanwhile, Arteta also came out to praise the team’s goalkeeper. Including being satisfied with getting one point in this game. Saying that we rely on the rhythm of the defensive game (Goalkeeper) Aaron (Ramsdale) most of the time and they missed the penalty. Because of Aaron ‘s save and there are many strokes to help the team. But in the end it was always possible. When watching both halves. This should be a fair result. You have to take it big lesson We should have played more like we did in the first half.

For Arsenal, it has increased to 73 points from 30 matches, leading Manchester City in 2nd place with 6 points, but playing more than 1 match. If the Blue Sailboat collects three points in the residual match. Will chase down to only 3 points, equal to the pressure on the big guns that they must not be missed at all, because if they stumble and lose three points again. Then City can win them all the score will be the same. But the goal of Pep ‘s teammates is better and will overtake the crowd immediately.